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Lightning Straight Knife Cutting Machines
An iconic brand for the textile industry in Australia for decades.  The Lightning straight knife fabric cutting machines are simply world class.  The machines are supplied with an unmatched 25 year motor warranty.

Available in 6" to 14" blade sizes, in built automatic sharpening mechanism and light duty or heavy duty motors these machines are built to last and will serve you for your working life.  If fact, we still have 50 year old + machines coming in for service annually that are working in the field day in day out.

A business re-structure 10 years ago saw the future production of our straight knife range be carried out in the U.S.A. by the Wolf Company (using all Lightning parts, die's and manufacturing tooling)  We still have some Australian made models in stock new and a large stock of used, re-conditioned machines which are sold with new limited 12 month warranty and balance of 25 year motor warranty.    Still as reliable as ever!

Lightning Straight Knife Cutting Tool
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Elizabeth Machines Co Product Specifications and Downloads List