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Lightning Octo 4 Cutting Machines, Heavy Duty Machines, Blind / Awning Makers, Leather Industries, Canvas & Tarp Machines, Curtain Manufacturing
OCTO 4 Designed for cutting heavy weight, fusible materials or materials which tend to draw in on perfect circle machines,
Plastic, Rubber, Unsupported plastic, Foam, Paper, Canvas, Shade cloth, PVC, Insulation and Carpet or any Woollen,
Cotton and Synthetic fabrics except Knitwear (Round Knife more suitable)

This Lightning Octo 4 Fabric Cloth Cutting Machine has been an Australian industry icon for many years.   Its the machine of choice for australian furniture makers, upholsterers, shade sail makers, awning and blind makers, marine and motor trimmers, carpet layers and insulation installers.

These machines are still manufactured by us in our branch in Melbourne, Australia.

If you need to cut panels from a roll, we can suggest the "Octo Pull Type" machine which is supplied with an extended handle and machine track.

Lightning Octo 4 for Rubber, Plastic,Foam,Canvas, Shade Cloth, PVC, Insulattion, Carpet, Wools, Cotton , Synthetic, Perfect Circle Cutting
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Elizabeth Machines Co Product Specifications and Downloads List

Specifications Cutting Capacity 1 1/8'

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Elizabeth Machines Co Product Specifications and Downloads List