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Lightning Electric Hand Shear Cutting Machines

Lightning Electric Hand Shear


1.      Hexagonal knife for cutting cloth, synthetics, thin

         leather, plastic sheeting.

2.      Circular knife, mainly for cutting thin and flexible



1.       Baseplate         (E130) for general cutting ‑cloth and


2.      Cutting guide   (E140) for trimming and for  angle cutting

         of cloth, leather,  plastics.

3.      Cutting guide with ball (E150) for slitting or cutting

         knitwear and other loosely woven materials.

4.      Synchron Base Plate (E151) for straight line cutting



The Lightning portable electric shear is a compact, efficient tool for cutting various materials very easily. You can use hexagonal, octagonal or circular knives, and you can change the cutting feet for different cutting needs, as listed below. Each cutting foot is fitted with a carbide counter‑cutting blade. This machine has an oscillating felt pad oiler which wipes a thin film of oil on the knife to reduce friction between knife and counter‑cutting blade. These oilers, together with the felt oiler behind knife are used when cutting plastic sheets and rubberised materials. (All numbers given below refer to parts list on other side.)

 This quality electric hand shear is manufactured in Japan and branded Lightning.

Lightning Portable Electric Hand Shear
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