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Digital Cutter SEC-100CB Cutting Machines, Heavy Duty Machines, Canvas & Tarp Machines

The SEC range of strip cutters are a user friendly workhorse to any workroom cutting lengths of strap materials such as elastic, velcro, ribbon, webbings, rope etc.   The operator can key in the desired cut length, desired batch quantity and begin cutting from the roll.   If you spend hours cutting multiple lengths of materials by hand, this machine is for you, it will significantly reduce your cutting time and allow staff to carry on with others tasks within the business as they are not required to constantly oversee the operation.

The machine comes with a hot cut and cold cut knife assembly.  The hot cut system will seal the cut edge of synthetic materials to eliminate fraying.


Cutting Knife


Cutting Speed


Cutting Length


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M/C Size (mm)


Digital Cutter 100CB Hot And Cold Cutting Machine
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Elizabeth Machines Co Product Specifications and Downloads List